Imogen’s got a head full of stories and clear sense of what’s right and wrong. Confident and fiercely independent, she doesn’t need anyone’s help – least of all her little sister’s.


“I’m not scared of the Kolsaney Forests.
I can look after myself.”



Marie might be Imogen’s younger sister, but that doesn’t mean she’s a baby. A thoughtful child, she understands other people better than most. If only she was allowed to join the adventure…


“Sometimes, even little things can be quite fierce.”



As the prince of Yaroslav, Miro has everything he could wish for. Everything, that is, apart from friends.


“Going places you shouldn’t is one of the best games you can play on your own.”



Lofkinye is an excellent storyteller, huntress and climber of trees. Can her stories save the day, even if they’re not the ones Miro wants to hear?


“There’s more to escape plans than pure imagination.”



Bulbous eyes, hooked claws and unusually large front teeth… Zuby might not be handsome by human standards, but he has many skills.


“That’s the problem with you humans: you don’t know much.”




King Drakomor’s castle is so full of treasure, there’s hardly enough room to move. Easily influenced and driven by greed, the king has many secrets.


“Don’t skulk. I can’t bear skulkers. Especially not among my collection.”



Anneshka’s beauty is the talk of the town, but she’s more than just a pretty face. Ruthless and cunning, Anneshka is fated to become queen.


“I have my own ways of knowing if people are telling the truth. If you get close enough, you can almost smell it.”



Utterly irresistible and hugely imaginative.”


Waterstones Best Books of 2020


A sparkling debut… boasts a funny, engaging voice, a strong sibling dynamic and a bold, intransigent heroine.”


The Guardian


“This is an utterly wonderful is an utterly wonderful, timeless magical adventure packed with all the best things about children’s fiction.”


Anna James
Author of Pages & Co


“A timeless fantasy adventure perfect for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. I loved it.”


Katherine Webber Tsang
Author of Dragon Mountain