The Shadow Moth


Imogen follows a moth into another world. The place she discovers is populated by monsters and bears and a prince who lives in a tower. But Imogen has been followed too… by her annoying little sister.

Meet the author

Francesca Gibbons has been telling tall tales for as long as she can remember. She had the idea for The Shadow Moth when she was a child. Now it’s the first book in her trilogy, A Clock of Stars.



Utterly irresistible and hugely imaginative.


Waterstones Best Books of 2020


A sparkling debut… boasts a funny, engaging voice, a strong sibling dynamic and a bold, intransigent heroine.


The Guardian


"This is an utterly wonderful, timeless magical adventure packed with all the best things about children's fiction."


Anna James
Author of Pages & Co


"A timeless fantasy adventure perfect for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. I loved it."


Katherine Webber Tsang
Author of Dragon Mountain

“Imogen didn’t know what trespassing was, but it sounded like fun…”